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Child cot Standard, mechanical 3144.1352M

Item No: 3144.1252E

The Child cot Standard from Oostwoud is mechanically or electrically height adjustable 76-96 cm. It has a mattress base of length 120 or 150 cm.

Art no 3144.1352M...
* is mechanically height adjustable 76-96 cm (also available electrically)
* has a mattress base of length 120 or 150 cm
* has (as in image) one plexi shortend side and one with bars. Also available in versions with 2 bar sides or 2 plexi.

The mechanical model is one of many versions of the 3144/3145 model. All different versions share the same unique mix of features and specifications such as:

•Side rails slide away under the mattress base providing optimal comfort for professionals and parents.
•Child proof operation of the side rails, inside and outside the bed.
•Side rails adjustable in 3 positions: high, mid and low.
•Highest position of the side rails 800 mm, distance between bars 60 mm.
•Removable and interchangeable head and foot ends (bars or plexiglass).
•Child proof operation for removal of head and foot end frames.
•360º access to the patient within seconds.
•Free tube access (e.g. oxygen) alongside the head and foot end.
•Tubes can stay connected to the patient while the end frames are removed in emergency situations.
•Matress base width 80 cm.
•Detachable mattress base; ideal for cleaning.
•Fastening brackets on the mattress plate for patient restraining systems.
•Dynamic maximum user weight 50 kg.
•Static maximum user weight 250 kg.
•Swivel castors, 1 anti static.

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