With a heart for healthcare


Tarsus is a Swedish-based family-owned company originating in Company Sjöbloms Sjukvårdsutrustning AB, which was founded in 1948. It is owned and run by a third generation Sjöblom. We manufacture all our products in our own factory in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden.

Our Medical furniture and Physio therapy tables are known to be very trustworthy and long-lived. The portable physio therapy tables have since their entrance in the market, 1989, been the prime choice for therapists all over the world. Many World Cup and Olympic team therapists use our tables since they know they can trust them to do their jobs, year after year.

Apart from Scandinavia, the Medical furniture is sold to many different countries like Russia, Vietnam, Belgium, Libya, Morocco, Tanzania, India, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Malaysia etcetera. The range includes several different examination and ultrasound tables, gyn and combigyn tables, examination chairs for blood sample and Podiatry/Chiropody, tables and trollies and bag holders of different kinds and sizes.

Our patented Violetta IV stand is a unique solution worth checking out. Every hospital staff know that space is an issue. IV stands with their wide feet often takes up an unnecessarily large amount of space.

And space is money!

Anyone can therefore understand the value of being able to store up to 16 IV stands on less than a square meter of floor space on one of our hanging racks.

In our manufacturing we use only high quality parts from renownend manufacturers like Linak, Tente, Power-Packer etcetera. We know that any quality product is only as good as its quality parts.

We are also authorized resellers of Monark and Ergobjörn kickbikes, Derungs wide range of lightings and other high quality products.

Welcome to our world of medical furniture and physio therapy tables!

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