With a heart for healthcare

Modell TE

Model TE has an adjustable headrest with arm cradle. The cushion is fastened with velcro. The arm cradle is height adjustable.

Since you may adjust the angle of the headrest, it's easy to find an ideal position.

The headrest may be folded when transporting the table and "hidden" inside the folded table.

Model TE may be used with our height adjustable hydraulic or electric chassis.

Model TE is recommended...
* if you work a lot around shoulders and neck. It's easier to find an ideal position when having the headrest.
* if you prefer a table as short as possible when folded (80 cm, while model MA is 95)
* if you plan to buy an electric or hydraulic chassis.

TE is not recommended...
* if you need a longer table than 190 cm. If so we recommende model MA + a headrest, which equals 220 cm all in all.

Treatment table TE50

Portable table with adjustable headrest, width 50 cm.

Treatment table TE60

Portable table with adjustable headrest, width 60 cm.